Anzsco Code


Anzsco Code Occupation Assessing Body
261311 Analyst Programmer ACS
135111 Chief Information Officer ACS
263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer ACS
262111 Database Administrator ACS
261312  Developer Programmer ACS
261111 ICT Business Analysts ACS
135199 ICT Managers NEC ACS
135112 ICT Project Manager ACS
263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer ACS
262112 ICT Security Specialist ACS
263299 ICT Support and Test Engineer NEC ACS
263212 ICT Support Engineer ACS
263213  ICT Systems Test Engineer ACS
223211 ICT Trainer ACS
261211 Multimedia Specialist ACS
263112 Network Administrator ACS
263113 Network Analyst ACS
261399 Software and Application Programmer ACS
261313 Software Engineer ACS
261314 Software Tester ACS
262113 Systems Administrator ACS
261112 Systems Analysts ACS
313113 Web Administrator ACS
261212 Web Developer ACS